Tour Info

As the Championship Tour nears its end, the WSL stacks the World’s best surfers up against the unforgiving and hollow left at Teahupoo. Pro’s will be edging for valuable points as the Tour’s leaderboard emerges and will try once again to secure their spot as the World’s best surfer. This destination on The Surf Tour offers campers all-inclusive, guided access to this heavy event, WSL events and parties, nightlife, and above all, the opportunity to put themselves up against the heaviest wave in the world. See what’s included below.

Tour Dates

The waiting period for the Billabong Pro Teahupoo is August 11th-22th, 2017. Our package will start with pick-up on friday, August 11th and run through tuesday, August 22th. This ensures that The Surf Tour campers see the best in contest action and are able to book more reasonable airfare.


Simply fly into Fa’a’a International Airport (PPT) and we will take care of the rest. Your guide will meet you at the airport at the scheduled pick-up time and provide transportation to the event less than an hour away. Your guide will cater the experience to your style, driving to all contest events, after-parties and group surfs. While it is not necessary, participants are encouraged to look into renting their own car for use during personal time.

Surf Accomodation

Your experience would not be complete unless you truly lived like a pro. Our team has secured exquisite property right among other team housing and minutes from a handful of breaks. You will be living among the biggest names in the sport and just a stones throw from world-class surf.


Breakfast and Dinner are included in your package. We are experienced in satisfying post-surf appetites and provide an abundance of tasty and healthy food. In addition to breakfast and dinner, your guide will provide recommendations for local chow. Vegan, vegetarian, and special diet options are available upon request.

Contest Events

Detailed contest itineraries are posted within two weeks of the start of the waiting period. The Billabong Pro Teahupoo attracts the industries biggest sponsors meaning there will be no shortage of on-land events. You can expect to live everything from parties and pro-signings to expression sessions and celebrity heats. Since the rebranding of the ASP earlier this year, now the World Surf League (WSL), we are anticipating colossal growth in partnerships and publicity meaning you will be immersed in a much more vibrant atmosphere than in previous years.


While this stop may be tamer compared to other locations on our tour, there is no shortage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The combination of heavy surf and tranquil beauty of Tahiti will be a healthy retreat for any seasoned surfer. Your local guide has area dialed and will work with you to select excursions to fit your style.